Thursday, February 14, 2013

little love letter

I write little love letters to my husband.  On this day, a day that we celebrate love, I thought I would share a bit of one of those letters with you.

Sitting with me on the couch when I'm sobbing out my frustrations... that's love.

Holding my hand in the car as we run errands... that's love.

Rubbing my back during the labor of birthing our two children... that's love.

Killing spiders that threaten my sanity... that's love.

Hugging me, kissing me, holding me every day, many times each day... that's love.

Thank you.
 As much as I love the grand gestures of love, I appreciate the small ones too.  I am so happy that we are one.  My love for him is so deep and so strong, together we can face and survive anything.

This song, by The Civil Wars, is one of my favorite love songs.  I especially love this video because you can see their love for each other as they sing.

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