Saturday, February 16, 2013

life lately

  • I'm pretty sure our children are having a contest to see which of them can cause Vincent and I to lose the most sleep.  
  • Waffle blocks bring out the kid in me.  Did anyone else grow up playing with those?  My kids love them too and we all have a blast playing with them every morning.
  • I wish I was more carefree.  I'm such a serious person.  I keep everything in little boxes all nice and neat and most of the time that keeps me sane; but sometimes I wish I could let go, live outside the boxes, see the world differently
  • Today I went from hair about this long:

To hair this short:

And that's a small glimpse at my very boring life.


  1. Haven't I told you that it's impossible to have a boring life with toddlers in the house? And yeah, I think children make it their mission to make us lose sleep. Until they're teenagers of course and all they want to do is sleep... and then we can get even. Mwahahahaha....

    And yeah, I can have the tendency to be too serious at times too. I act goofy at times, but I'm so rigid about things. I have a hard time with being spontaneous... like paying last night. Asha is very spontaneous, so when he suddenly wanted to play at the last minute, my first reaction was to want to so "no"! I didn't of course, but still. I sometimes wish I could be more care free and spontaneous.



    1. Oh and btw... I absolutely love your new hair! :-D

    2. Yes. I think we agreed boring is the wrong description, monotonous is more like it. Every day is full of the same stuff, even if it isn't boring at all!

      I have a really hard time with spontaneity too. Although there are some things that I prefer to be spontaneous about, like sex. I hate scheduled sex. I want it to happen when the mood strikes, not because we've looked at our calendar and decided that Wednesday night is free for 45 minutes of love making. That is just too clinical sounding to me.

      Thank you! I love my new hair too. :) It's much easier to deal with. Thank goodness Vincent prefers short hair!